Monday, 29 June 2015

Chop chop!

I was sat at my desk at work this morning, minding my own business, ploughing through my to do list, when I saw that I'd missed a number of phone calls on my personal phone. There were two voicemail messages from my surgeon's PA asking me to call her back right away, which I did.

PA: "You're booked in for surgery on 23rd September but an earlier space has become available."

(The surgery I was booked in for in September was the preventive mastectomy and reconstruction on the side that hasn't yet had cancer.)

PA: "Because of your gene fault, Mr Krupa wanted to offer you the space, so that you can have your surgery done as soon as possible."

Me: "Ok!"

PA: "It's next Monday."

Me: Stunned silence.

So, yes, I'm now having my next surgery a week today! I've spoken to my surgeon on the phone to go over what will happen, cleared it with my line manager, started making arrangements with friends who can help with dog walking, a bit of cooking and cleaning etc.  I've cancelled Wednesday's work meetings as I'll be in hospital for pre-op assessments. I've rearranged my hair cut from next Wednesday to this Saturday. I've given my apologies to my Genetics Consultant as I'll no longer be able to talk at his Genomics event next week. I've started writing lists of what I need to do and buy before Monday....

Argh! Shit the bed!


Anyway, I'm a bit in shock, I've got a blinding headache now, and a bunch of stuff whirling round my head. But I'm actually really pleased and excited.* I've just got a lot to do over the next week.

It's much less "bad" than the last surgery I had. I'll only be in hospital for 1-2 nights, and off work for around 4 weeks. (Hopefully doing some working from home sooner than that though). So if any of my friends want to stop by and visit me then please text or call me and let me know. I'll book you in!


*Having thought about it.... I am mostly pleased and excited. I have just realised that this means my veins are about to be attacked with more needles and cannulas. Feck. The things that I have loved the most about not being a cancer patient are not having anyone stab me and not having my veins explode on a regular basis.

Note to self: If they're going to stick a cannula in you, Sarah, at least make it worthwhile and press the morphine button as many times as you can this time.

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