Thursday, 31 December 2015


My favourite account that I follow on Instagram is health and fitness guru @deliciouslystella....




Anyway, I've been reading people's statuses on Facebook today. Everyone is being very sentimental and deep this New Year's Eve and there are some very admirable new year resolutions being made by my friends. Well done and good luck with that!

I thought about it and to be honest I'm pretty happy with my attitude, perspective and priorities in life. There's only one thing about me that I want to change in 2016, and that's my body, which has been completely trashed over the last 18 months - partly from all the chemo, radiotherapy, surgeries, and various drugs, and partly from me being wholeheartedly dedicated to living the Deliciously Stella way in 2015.

This could not be more true:
So, my resolutions are a combination of obvious/bog standard:
1. Eat healthily.
2. Exercise every day.

And a couple that are a little more personal:
3. Stop being lazy and actually use all the various creams/oils etc I have bought (every day) to strengthen nails/moisturise skin/protect hair/fade scars. 
4. And seeing as some things will take time to change and some things can't be changed.... Do not allow hatred of body to get in the way of being happy and having fun.

Starting tomorrow.

Happy new year peeps! xxx

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  1. Happy New Year!
    Good luck with your new year's resolutions- they sound like good ones :)
    This year is going to be amazing xxx