Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Side effects and cocktails

So I've had one blast of chemo, and having been prepared for the worst, 15 days later and now officially in to week 3 (the week where my oncologist said I can do whatever the hell I want) and the complete list of side effects experienced is as follows:

6 hours of vomiting on day 1. Followed by...
4 days feeling kinda tired.
1 sore arm for a few days around days 7-10.
2 patches of gums feeling rough for a few days.
1 minor nosebleed day 13.
Some time spent this week (literally) pulling my hair out. Although... you can't tell yet.
There were a few days where my hands were a bit dry so I put hand cream on and errrr...

I'm now scraping the barrel. That's really it.

I hope I'm not tempting fate here. But the nurses told me that I would be fine because I am fit, healthy and am going in to this with the right attitude, and they're convinced that makes all the difference. Maybe they were right....

I ran just over 5k yesterday as part of gearing up for a 5k race on the 20th. Took it slowly but it was fine. I'm back at work and am being treated like royalty by my amazing colleagues (I would like to give a particular shout out to Marie here for the cake... and I'm sticking my tongue out at Gary as I do so ha ha ha). I'm being invited for more coffees, drinks, BBQs, meals out than I can keep up with. Who knew having cancer would make you so popular?! Either that or my friends are all still expecting the worst - if so you can STOP!

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