Sunday, 4 January 2015

My favourite blogs by incredible young women with breast cancer

Updated 4th January 2015!

Hi! I've been meaning to do this for a while, it's for anyone who is interested but particularly for any young women diagnosed with breast cancer.

As you can see from the amount I bang on on here, I have some kind of written diarrhoea disorder. I just can't stop writing. (Although, in my defence, it turns out doing this is good for my health.)

But as well as writing my own, I love reading the blogs of other young women who are dealing with the bullshit that is cancer and wanted to share links to some of my favourites. This list will of course be a work in progress, I will add to it over time as I remember more and discover new ones.

A Little Earthquake
On Twitter too at @ALilEarthquake. Like me, also diagnosed in July 2014. Currently going through cancer treatment.
Funny, warm and honest and I completely relate to everything in it.

Fighting Genghis
Also on Twitter at @rosiechoeka. Rosie is a 30 something from NW London, with a husband and 2 children, blogging about her experiences of breast cancer. Rosie had a lumpectomy and chemo at the end of 2014, but in late December 2014 found out that a new breast tumour had grown, and there were also secondary tumours in her liver. Rosie is now on another course of chemo with different drugs.

Really not brave: Random retrospective posts about having cancer
Kate was diagnosed in November 2013, has completed cancer treatment, and is writing about it now. And I'm so glad because Kate is one of the most positive, inspirational people you'll meet. If you're shitting yourself about things like chemo and surgery, read this.

Get your tits out!
Also on Twitter at @LaraHonnor. Lara is 31 with Triple Negative breast cancer. She's had a lumpectomy and is now having chemo followed by radiotherapy. I love her tumblr blog - it's warm, funny, and brilliantly written!

Love Conquers All
Kayla was diagnosed with breast cancer at 24 and has now finished treatment. She also writes a regular column for Reimagine called Tits and Giggles, and is on Twitter @iamnotmycancer. I found Kayla as a result of her post "I am not my nipples" which I found so inspiring. You have to read her stuff!

The Real
Also on Twitter at @emily_priscilla. Emily is a writer and artist living in Jersey City, NJ, dealing with the aftermath of cancer as a young adult. This blog isn't for the faint of heart, the squeamish, or sensitive. It's for the kickers, the screamers, and the drinkers. (It's brilliant!)

The Malignant Ginger
On Twitter too at @malignantginger. Almost at the end of treatment with chemo and surgery ticked off the list! Funny, quirky, satirical, and documenting the weird and surreal aspects of things like chemo.

Bald, boobless and beautiful
On Twitter too at @Laurahenrietta1. Diagnosed at the beginning of 2014 and has finished cancer treatment.
Honest account which shows how scary and difficult the whole cancer "thing" is, and makes me really admire Laura because she genuinely is brave, and is so supportive of others.

Black Tit Chick Cancer
On Twitter too at @mizzieashitey. Also currently going through chemo. I recently discovered Miranda's blog and love it. Funny, honest, warms my heart. (I can see there's a common theme here in the blogs I like!)

Younger Breast Cancer Network (UK)
And if you are a young woman with breast cancer reading this, I just wanted to mention the Younger Breast Cancer Network (UK). It's a secret, closed group on Facebook for women diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 45 in the UK. It's an incredibly active group, and any time of day or night that you need information, support, or just to sound off, there will be other people there to share, listen, support. (Literally any time of day or night - there's always a bunch of people awake through the night cos of steroids!). The open Facebook page is here, if you want to join, send a message! And YBCN is on Twitter at @YBCN_UK.

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