Sunday, 15 March 2015

Take a photo on Mother's Day

For me it's a day to look at photos.

This is the only picture I have of my nanny and my great grandmother together (with one of my nan's brothers).

I wish I could go back in time and meet them when this photo was taken. I wonder what they made of life, what they saw in their futures.

This is a photo of my mom as a baby, with my nanny and granddad.

It's one of only a few photos I have of my mom and nanny together. I would like to say in my nanny's defence that cameras and photos weren't so common back then, but there's plenty of photos of my mom and her brother growing up - my nanny just isn't in them. So I'm guessing that like my mom, she didn't really like having her picture taken.

Here's the only three photos I have with me, my mom, and my nanny all in the same picture.

I'm the baby in the middle of this one. My mom is in yellow on the far left, and my nan is on the far right.

And then these two are from one Christmas - I know we are all three together in the room although I'm hiding (by the lego on the floor) in one, and my nan is hiding behind my mom in the other.


This is one of my nanny holding me as a baby.

And this is one of my mom holding me as a baby.

These photos crack me up now. My hair is not all too dissimilar now... !

And I just had to share this one. My mom reading The Sun. Headline "Police probe whacko school."

I love it though because she is looking at me, and she looks happy.

Anyway, as she got older my mom point blank refused to have photos taken. So I have lots of her with me as a child, but very few when I was an adult. I think the most recent one was actually one from the London Dungeon (one of those where you pay an extortionate amount of money to have a photo of you mid-scream on a ride).

So, my Mother's Day message to you all is, if you have a mom, and you see her (whether it is today or not) then get some photos of you together. Doesn't matter if you hate having your photo taken, doesn't matter if she hates having her photo taken, doesn't matter if you are both pulling a face, or your hair is a mess, or you hate what you're wearing... None of that matters. Photos are precious. Take some, and keep taking them regularly.

And if you, like me, don't have a mom any more, for whatever reason, then I am sending lots of love for today. xox

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