Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Three cheers for work!

I'm back at work! Yeahhhhhhhh! I'm trying to hold it in a bit and not bounce around the office grinning/singing/getting on people's nerves too much but... I'm so glad to be back! Before you judge me and think I've lost my marbles, here's why.

It's so nice to be out of my house each day. Through chemo and recovery from surgery, I have spent far too much time indoors, specifically in my own living room. I'm loving walking to and from work again. Fresh air, blue skies, birds, squirrels.... the outside world. 

I work with lovely people who do nice things like put flowers on my desk, get their children to draw me welcome back pictures, dance with me, make me laugh by trying on my wig, and let me lead open plan office Mexican waves!

People bring in donuts for their birthdays and there's regular after work drinks. Always a winner with me!

I can still do my job! I've only been back a few days and I've already done stuff. Achieved stuff. Ticked things off the to do list. Yeahhhh! My brain does actually still work! Phew! Being too busy can be stressful but trust me, being bored for long periods of time is seriously damaging to your mental health.

Most importantly I suddenly feel like I'm less of a cancer patient and more of a regular person again. I really hope it can stay this way.

So - Yippee yay! It's good to be back. Big love, work colleagues, big big love. You're all ace. X


  1. You can come lead our Mexican waves any time...it was definitely enhanced by your leadership! Lovely to have you back chicken!xxx

  2. Yey! Thanks dude! MWAH! XO