Saturday, 4 April 2015

Bad behaviour

Gosh, I hope none of my medical team come across this. If they do I'm going to be in for the mother of all bollockings....

But I just had to share...



Oh my days it was amazing. Brilliant. Amazing. Brilliant. L O V E D.   I T.

I stopped running in September, part way through my second chemo cycle. I got a stinking cold, which lasted for 3 weeks, and then it was downhill from there. Chemo side effects, coughs and infections. I managed one 3k run in December after my last chemo, but that was all. Then I had surgery in January and since then I have been banned from running. I checked with my surgeon again this week and I am still completely forbidden from running. Absolutely, categorically, 100% banned.

But! But! But! You see, the thing is I've been desperate to go for a run for so long now. Desperate! I love it! Plus, it is good for your health, and it also reduces your risk of recurrence of breast cancer. And... I know people generally don't like to talk about this, but what if there's a zombie apocalypse? Eh? What then? I need to keep my fitness levels up. How tragic would it be to survive cancer, only to get eaten by a zombie, just because I had not kept my fitness levels up by running? Even my surgeon can't argue with that.

And if all that is not enough to justify my complete and enthusiastic disobeying of strict orders.... it made me so HAPPY! Look at! This is me just after the run. #SorryNotSorry because it made me really happy!

(By the way, can I just say... literally no makeup. Those eyebrows are real!)
It wasn't my most impressive run in terms of either speed or distance, but to be fair - cancer, chemo, surgery, radiotherapy... Under the circumstances I reckon not bad!

The good news for my surgeon is I probably won't get many more runs in for a little while now. I'm 4 radiotherapy zaps in and already my skin is burnt and peeling. It's going to need some real care, and wearing layers of sports bras and going out running and sweating like a pig isn't going to help.

But never mind, that's life. Right now I'm just over the moon that I was able to go out and run today.

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