Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cocktail drinking masterclass

Some of my friends read this blog and pay attention to my wise, wise words. One of those friends is Lucy! This is Lucy.....
She is amazing.
Lucy read all about how much I love time with my friends, she read all about YOLO and how making and enjoying wonderful moments creates a good life, and she read all about how it's important to take photos of your loved ones. And then she organised for us to do a cocktail making masterclass with our beautiful friends Rachel and Becky. Not only that but Lucy hired an awesome photographer to get some photos of the four of us. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!
The Cocktail Making Teacher Man was a joker.
But that's ok because we all have a great sense of humour.
And we were always entirely confident in our judgements of when he was joking and when he wasn't. 
There was a big jar of sweets on the bar. We were allowed one each. As you can see, the Man was very serious and strict about the one sweet per person rule. No messing.

Now, at this point we knew he'd made one Sours, and Becky could see the other barman over there had made three more Sours.... but as you can see we were all getting concerned about how long it was taking for those drinks to be handed over to us.
 Phew! Here they are!
Cheers 'en!
There was a moment when Rachel almost ran out of drink.
Becky felt sorry for her but wasn't about to share hers.

Luckily there was another one ready just in the nick of time.
This was when Rachel was telling me all about how I am the best and I rule all. 
Lucy tried to joke for a minute that I am not the best and I don't rule all but I put her straight.
Choosing our next drinks...
Decisions, decisions.....
 I have decided because I am a big greedy piggy I am going to have .... all of them!
What do you mean I can't have all of them?
Oh! This is when I got a hot flush and everyone had to stop what they were doing immediately and fan me with their menus.
Oh and this is where I got my mobile phone out while I was in a bar, with company. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I remember this exact moment in the night. I was trying Lucy's cocktail which tasted like vanilla and lemon cheesecake and was heaven in a glass. I had told the Man at the start that my preferred cocktails are ones that look pretty and have chocolate in them, but actually, this one in a tumbler was the nicest of the night. I considered drinking it all in one go but managed to hand it back to Lucy before I did that. 
"Sorry I drank half your drink!"
Becky ordered the cocktail which had feta cheese as one of it's ingredients.
(I don't know what she was thinking but luckily the cheese was on the side, not in the drink.) 

A bear walks into a bar and says to the bartender 'I'll have a strawberry.......................... daiquiri.'  The bartender says 'Why the big pause?'  The bear says 'Dunno, I've always had them.'

The Man took a blowtorch to this cocktail!

Next we got to each go behind the bar and make a cocktail of our choice. Lucy went for a mojito!
 Mash it up!
Next was my turn! A chocolate cocktail in a pretty glass! Yeahhhh!
"More chocolate sprinkles! Yeah! Add more chocolate sprinkles!"
Lovely chocolate cocktail with chocolates and strawberries and chocolate sauce on the side. YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
 Can't remember what Becky made but she took it seriously.
 Especially when it came to shaking the shit out of it.
And finally, Rachel brought out ALL the facial expressions!
And while she was doing that, I stole the sweets jar off the bar and shared them out amongst us when the Man wasn't looking!

Happiest memories!


Oh! PS, I nearly forgot. We also went to Bill's and I beat Becky in a thumb war.


  1. Looks like a great day out!!!
    I hope you didn't get told off for pinching the sweets :-)

    1. Ha! No apparently I can still get away with anything!

  2. Fab commentary to go with the pics Sarah, can you write my blog posts!

    1. Ah thank you Ian and thanks for taking such brilliant photos! I'll write your blog posts any time! :)