Sunday, 26 April 2015

Spring time

On Tuesday I went to the hospital for my last session of radiotherapy - it marked the very end of my active treatment for breast cancer. I took this photo - the tree is on the grounds of the Leicester Royal Infirmary. I just looked up, saw the blossom against the bright blue sky, and was immediately reminded of the interview with Kylie where she talked about treatment for breast cancer and said "Coming out the other side - it's like spring time."

She is absolutely right. It really is.

This photo is special to me, not because it is a pretty image, but because it is a perfect representation of the way I feel about life right now.

I want to share it here for any women out there who are currently going through treatment for primary breast cancer - especially chemo. The world can seem like a very dark place at times. But please believe me - you will get through it, and when you do (whatever the time of year) it will feel like spring time.

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