Friday, 24 October 2014

If I can beat cancer then I sure as hell can beat the 30 day abs challenge

Earlier this year my friend Amy did the 30 Day Abs Challenge. I told her she was insane. But then somehow I got in to a conversation about it at work, decided to do it myself, and got a lot of colleagues to join in! (Although as far as I know, the Incredible Charlotte was the only one to finish it! BIG CHEER FOR CHARLOTTE!)

It's not easy....

If I remember right, I got to Day 14. Then I was diagnosed with cancer and forgot all about it. Until now!

I've decided to start again. Surely if I can beat cancer, I can beat the 30 day abs challenge?! In reality it is going to take me more than 30 days to complete because of chemo. But I am absolutely determined to complete it this year.

I was really inspired by the talk I went to on exercise at the Breast Cancer Care Younger Women Together event in Leeds a few weeks ago. Some people give mixed messages about exercise during chemo, before surgery and after surgery, and what you can and can't do. But the exercise and cancer expert there that day reassured me that I can do the exercise I want to do, whenever I can. I left the event with a cold that turned in to a cough, and so I've done no exercise since. But I think I'm ready for it now! I can't wait to get running again too.

Seeing as this blog is a pretty much full disclosure blog, I'm even going to share my photos with you. So here I am, Day 0. No abs, just the excess weight I've put on since I started chemo! (And while I'd like to blame it on the drugs, we'd all know that's a lie.)

Question is, will anyone else join me in the challenge this time? Or is it just the girl on chemo that's hardcore enough for this? ;-)

I've had a friend sign up already! And I thought in the interests of bigging up those of you that are hard enough to join me, and putting the rest of you to shame, I'd make a list here of my 30 Day Abs Challenge Gang!

Emily J
Dolores C
Helen J
Hannah C
Joanne F
Emma B
Ali B
Dave S

Who else?!


  1. Not sure if this'll be a repeat but I'm in. Sounds like hell by the end, but can only try and support ye. :)