Sunday, 12 October 2014

To fringe or not to fringe?

Dammit. It seems my eyebrows are reaching the point where they've had enough. They're still there at the minute, but getting patchy.

I am going to buy all the magic stuff, and watch video tutorials, and practise, practise, practise doing eyebrows. At first it'll be filling in the patches, but I guess soon enough it will be faking them entirely. (Excuse me one moment while I go and scream some profanities about chemo................) 

For the record, same goes for eyelashes. Mine are still clinging on just now but I know it's only a matter of time before I wake up one morning and find them all scattered across my face. And yes, I will make a wish on each one of them, and yes, every wish will be for my eyelashes and eyebrows to grow back immediately. No wait, I will wish for my cancer to piss off and never return - yeah, that's obviously a better use of wishes.

Anyway. I'm lazy, and I'm about as far from "make-up artist" as a girl can get. So I'm considering getting a big fat fringe to cover my forehead and the spaces where my eyebrows should be, for days when I can't be arsed to create my own. (And days where I attempt to create my own and end up looking like I have two slugs crawling across my face).

When I was a kid, I absolutely rocked a fringe, if I do say myself. Look!


Looks bloody ace, right?!

However, I also had a fringe for a time while I was a teenager. Not so good. Fortunately, having searched through boxes of old photos, there are only a few of me as a teenager with a fringe in existence. Those that I did find I'm in fancy dress so look even more uncool, but as I have no pride or dignity left, and in the interest of making my point, I will share a couple with you:


Anyway, point is, if I get a fringe, it will need to be of the big, thick, no turning back variety. Like what I had as a kid, as opposed to the thin stringy mess of my teenage years. The good news is, unlike when I was a teenager, I won't have to (be able to!) grow the fringe out and go through this phase:

Phew. But getting a fringe cut is going to be risky. If it looks shit, I will have ruined a wig which I spent a small fortune on.

So I have tried experimenting with some hair grips and my wig, to get an idea of what a fringe might look like on me now. (Excuse the face I'm pulling in the first photo haha!)

What do you think? Shall I get a fringe cut in to the wig or not? Honest opinions please.


  1. Sarah, I am loving your blog. I had chemo last year and you take me back to all the things I used to laugh about!
    You wig will look great with a fringe for sure xx

  2. Ah thank you! My friends on Facebook have almost unanimously voted in favour of a fringe.... I think I might do it!
    I hope you're well now? Chemo is shit!