Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The result of my CT scan

I had a CT scan to find out whether my cancer had spread elsewhere in my body. I knew I had two small tumours (one around 25mm, and another one close by, around 6mm), and they had also biopsied one of my lymph nodes and found cancer there. The CT scan was to check for any more cancer elsewhere.

I got the result today. No more cancer anywhere else! Those 2 tumours, that one lymph node, and that's it!

So now for the first time I know exactly what I am dealing with:

Grade 1 which is the most like normal cells, and slowest growing.

T2. My tumours are total around 3cm which puts them in the second smallest out of 4 categories.

The tumour is "Her2 negative" which means it isn't aggressive. It is estrogen positive which means it is fuelled by estrogen. This is good news because they know what's making it grow and they can control that for me in future, massively reducing risk of recurrence.

Lymph nodes
Only one affected. Which means that lymph node has been doing it's job of catching the cancer and killing the cells before they can go anywhere else. They've not even made it to the next lymph node. :-)

So based on size of tumour, and the fact that only one lymph node is involved, this puts me at Stage 2b.

Almost the same chance as anyone else that I get to live a long life. It'll just be with fake boobs and no ovaries.

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